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Professional Sandblasting Services in Perth

At Perth’s Precision Powdercoating, we have the necessary expertise gained over 30 Years of operation to provide professional sandblasting services. Our highly skilled technicians, experienced personnel, and world-class equipment allow us to clean the surfaces of any metal to perfection.

Sandblasting allows us to strip metallic surfaces to prepare them for finishings, coatings, chroming, and so on. By employing a high-pressure blast that contains a combination of gritty materials, we can get rid of:

  • Old paint
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Rust
  • Other surface imperfections 

The goal is to reveal a smooth and consistent surface of the metal. This method would even allow us to clean hard-to-reach areas and crevices. Because of this, sandblasting is the perfect solution when dealing with things like:

  • Cars
  • Car parts
  • Bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • Steel and iron furniture
  • Aluminium tools

Contrary to the name, Precision Powdercoating doesn’t actually employ sand when providing our sandblasting services. Instead, we use superior materials that provide better results. Our methods would typically involve:

  • Glass bead blasting
  • Steel grit blasting
  • Garnet blasting

With a combination of those sandblasting options, we guarantee maximum cleaning efficiency. The superior materials and techniques also ensure that every inch of the metallic surface will be serviced evenly. 

Our Perth-centred sandblasting services are an ideal pre-treatment for powder coatings and other finishes. And because we offer a comprehensive line of services, you can save time by working with us. 

Working with the latest technology and equipment, we can strip your items with our sandblasting process and then refinish them with corrosion protection, a powder coating or chroming.

Our highly skilled technicians make the sandblasting process quick and easy to ensure a timely turnaround. 

If you need someone you can trust to clean, prepare, preserve and finish your items, turn to our team at Precision Powdercoating. Call 08 9244 2696 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us today.

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