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Powder Coating

Skilled technician from a powdercoating perth company powder coating a piece of metal

Leading Powder Coating Service Provider in Perth

The precision powder coating service we provide in Perth is a process that involves electrolysed powdered paint and baking at high temperatures. The steps involved go as follows:

  1. Cleaning and treating the material to be coated to prevent contaminations or potential coating flaws. 
  2. Coating the surface of the material via electrostatic spray deposition.
  3. Placing the coated material in a curing oven to dry and harden into a smooth layer.
  4. Allowing the cured coating to cool for assembly or packaging.  

The result of this process is a hard and smooth protective finish that will prevent the surface from grime, rust and corrosion, and stains. The finish will be thick, dense, and long-lasting. Our powder coating service also involves only one coating step, thus saving both time and money. 

The industries that we serve with our powder coating services in Perth also vary and include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Architecture

Due to the more efficient and long-lasting nature of powder coating, it is considered more environmentally friendly than other methods of coating. The incredible durability of this method also removes the need for the repeated application of paint to surfaces. It makes coatings more resistant to chipping, scratching, and flaking.

At Precision Powdercoating, we offer an extensive range of Interpon and Dulux colour coatings to ensure a unique and beautiful look that fits your style. You can view our colour charts here. Our 7 m x 2.3 m oven capacity means that no project is too large or small for us – no matter what item you’re interested in powder coating, we’ll be able to help.

Enjoy the beauty and durability of a professionally applied powder coating from Precision Powdercoating when you work with our highly skilled technicians. For enquiries or to receive a free quote, simply call us on 08 9244 2696 or fill out our contact form today.

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    Skilled technician from a powdercoating perth company powdercoatng a piece of metal
    Skilled technician from a powdercoating perth company powder coating pieces of metals
    Technician from a powdercoating perth company looking at a piece of metal